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About the website www.pandoranarghileashop.com

The website www.pandoranarghileashop.com is the property of the company SCFREE UKROM ALLIANCE SRL , a legal entity of Romanian nationality, with its registered office in the Municipality of Caransebeș, Str. Barracks no. 1, Spațiu Comercial, Etaj Parter, Apt. 1. Caraș-Severin county, Postal code 325400, order number J11/732/2022, unique tax registration code 46932649, called throughout these terms and conditions PANDORANARGHILEASHOP or pandoranarghileashop.com

Postal address: Municipality of Caransebeș , Str. Barracks no. 1 Jud Caraș-Severin.

Phone: 0728613359

Email: contact@pandoranarghileashop.com

Facebook and Instagram page: XXX

About us

We have been selling hookahs for almost four years, our goal being to familiarize you with the wonderful instrument of Arab culture, Shisha. We also want this special Shisha tool to bring calmness and relaxation to your daily life. We believe that you will be able to enjoy the complete calm and relaxation that a hookah session offers you. We hope that the chosen hookah will be the main attraction of your tastes and parties.

We will send you quality products and try to give you the help you need to make sure every hookah session is fantastic. From our offer you can choose from a wide range of hookah flavors, hookah accessories and spare parts, so that we can meet any needs that arise while using the hookah.

The following Terms and Conditions of Use are applicable to users and customers of the narghileashop.ro website:

Visiting the site and buying products from the narghileashop.ro online store implies acceptance and compliance with the terms and conditions established by the administrators of the online site according to legal provisions. For the best use of this online store, which is owned and managed by FREE UKROM ALLIANCE SRL, it is recommended to carefully read the terms and conditions below.

The administrators of this site reserve the right to change the terms and conditions at any time without notice or notification. Therefore, please return to this page every time you use the narghileashop.ro online store. In this regard, we inform you that each access to the online store represents an acceptance of the terms and conditions of use. You may visit and use this site only if you agree to these terms of use. If you do not agree with these terms and conditions, please stop accessing or using the www.pandoranarghileashop.com online store in any way.

The products for sale in the online store www.narghileashop.ro are intended for people with a minimum age of 18 years. By accepting the Terms and Conditions of this online store www.narghileashop.ro you confirm that you are at least 18 years old.


  1. Copyright
  2. Definitions
  3. Product stock
  4. Terms of purchase
  5. Order processing
  6. Right of Withdrawal and Return Guarantee
  7. Ownership Clause
  8. Liability of the online store narghileashop.ro
  9. Online Sales Policy
  10. Newsletter policy
  11. minority

1. Copyright

The entire content of the website www.pandoranarghileashop.com is the exclusive intellectual property of SCFREE UKROM ALLIANCE SRL and is protected by Romanian legislation in force regarding copyright and related rights. There may be content on the site, which is not our intellectual property, but we have a right to use it.

The use of any elements of the site, such as images, texts, graphics, symbols, web graphics, emails, scripts, programs and other data, is punishable according to the legislation in force. The content, as defined in the preamble, including but not limited to logos, stylized representations, trade symbols, static images, dynamic images, text and/or multimedia content presented on the site, are the exclusive property of the providers or producers of law of the products, all rights obtained in this regard being reserved for them.

Any use of the site's content for purposes other than those expressly permitted by this document or by current legislation is prohibited. Requests to use the content for purposes other than those expressly permitted by this document can be sent to our email address.

If you believe that certain content on our site violates your intellectual property rights, right to privacy, publicity or other personal rights, you are requested to send an email with the violated rights, to allow the site administrators to act in accordance with the legal provisions.

2. Definitions

2.1. Seller – pandoranarghileashop.com online store

2.2. Customer – can be any natural person over 18 years of age or a legal entity, who places an order.

2.3. User – any natural person over the age of 18 or a legal entity, who registers or visits the pandoranarghileashop.com online store

2.4. Account – the section of the website consisting of an e-mail address and a password, which allows the customer to submit orders more quickly and contains information about the customer in terms of order history, products and services added to the Wishlist, etc.

2.5. Products and Services – any product or service mentioned or selected in the order, to be provided by the seller to the customer.

2.6. Order – a manifestation of will, made in electronic format, with the aim of producing legal effects, which intervenes as a form of communication between the seller and the customer, through which the customer conveys to the seller, through the website, his firm intention to purchase products and services from the online store and make their payment.

2.7. Contract - represents the remote contract concluded between the seller and the customer, without the simultaneous physical presence of the seller and the buyer.

The right of ownership of the products will be transferred at the moment of delivery, respectively of the signing of receipt of the transport document provided by the Rapid Courier services.

2.8. The applicable law of distance contracts

The contract is subject to Romanian law. Any disputes arising between the pandoranarghileashop.com online store and the customer will be resolved amicably or, if this is not possible, the disputes will be settled by the competent Romanian courts.

Neither party shall be liable for failure to perform its contractual obligations if such failure is due to a force majeure event in accordance with applicable law.

2.9. Opinions – written evaluation by the customer or beneficiary of a product or products and services purchased through the pandoranarghileashop.com online store.

2.10. Abusive use – is the use of the online store in a way contrary to the practice in the field, the regulations and the legislation in force or in any other way that may cause damage to the pandoranarghileashop.com online store

  1. Product stock

We do not guarantee the stock of the products displayed in the pandoranarghileashop.com online store and we do not assume responsibility for this fact, because in the pandoranarghileashop.com online store orders can also be made by phone, and the stock of the products in the store does not decrease after each phone order.

Considering the above, if you want to make sure that the product is in stock, please contact us by phone (0728613359) or by e-mail (contact@pandoranarghileashop), before placing the order in the pandoranarghileashop.com online store .

If you have ordered a product that is not in stock (physically), we are obliged to notify you by phone or e-mail within 24 hours.

4. Purchase conditions

4.1. Product selection

The buyer is offered the opportunity to order from the wide range of products of the pandoranarghileashop.com online store. The buyer finds a description of all the essential characteristics of a product, if he accesses the page dedicated to it (by clicking on the image of the product - Details or View).

In the case of his intention to buy, the buyer places the desired product in a virtual basket by pressing the "Add to basket" button.

By pressing the button "Check the basket", the buyer finds the products placed in the basket on that virtual shopping occasion, including the final value of the products and the shipping costs. On this occasion, the customer has the opportunity to check the correctness of the order, paying special attention to the prices and quantities, which he can modify and correct, depending on his own requirements and needs.

The cart automatically calculates the final value of the order.

4.2. Sending the order

If, after checking the quantity of products placed in the basket, their individual price and the total price, the buyer decides to proceed with the purchase, then press the "Proceed to Home" button.

In our pandoranarghileashop.com online store, you can also purchase without prior registration, which is why you can choose from three options: accessing the online store, as an already registered buyer, as a new buyer or without registration.

If you have previously made purchases in our online store narghileashop.ro, please provide us with the password and the email address with which you are already registered.

If you would like to register as a new buyer, then provide the necessary data for registration, data to be stored in our database, and on the occasion of subsequent orders you only need to register.

If you place an order without prior registration, please provide us with your billing and shipping address.

The next step will be to choose the method of delivery (transportation) convenient for you, which can be:

Home delivery (through courier service XXX.)

Personal pickup (from the Gravo Express store in Brașov, Diaconu Coresi str. no. 5 or the Gravo Express store in Sfântu Gheorghe, Oltului str. no. 8)

The Customer/User can place orders on the site, by adding the desired products and services to the shopping cart, then complete the order, making the payment through one of the expressly indicated methods. Once added to the shopping cart, a product is available for purchase to the extent that there is stock available for it. Adding a product/service to the shopping cart, without finalizing the order, does not result in the registration of the order, implicitly nor the automatic reservation of the product/service.

If you agree with all the specifications of the order, press the "Complete Order" key to register the order. By completing the order, the customer agrees that all the data provided by him, necessary for the online purchase process, are correct, complete and true on the date of placing the order.

By completing the order, the Customer/User agrees that the narghileashop.ro online store can contact him, by phone or e-mail, in any situation in which it is necessary to prepare the order.

Payment for orders whose value exceeds RON 5000 can only be made by bank transfer. After receiving such an order, a proforma invoice is issued, and after receiving the price of the order, the goods are delivered to the customer.

You can opt for the payment method favorable to you:

Payment by bank card through the EuPlatesc system (Visa/Maestro/Mastercard)

Payment by bank transfer - (after receiving your order, we inform you by e-mail that your order is being processed, and after the price of the order enters our bank account, your order will be activated and we send you by e- mail all the necessary additional information).

Payment by cash on delivery - (payment will be made in cash by you, at the time of delivery of the ordered products by the courier). If you choose this payment option, you will have to pay the amount of 7 lei, the equivalent of the money transfer to our account by the courier company.

4.3. Subsequent modification of the order can only be made in writing, via e-mail.

4.4. Prices

The prices displayed in the online store www.pandoranarghileashop.com are in Lei (RON) and include VAT. The prices are valid at the time of accessing the page where they are displayed, pandoranarghileashop.com online store reserving the right to change them at any time, without notice or notification. By placing an order in the pandoranarghileashop.com online store, you undertake to pay the value of the ordered products.

Our prices are valid for the entire period of the order and can be found in our online store pandoranarghileashop.com next to the existing products.

The prices are gross prices, they include the VAT, on the other hand, the respective prices do not include the transport costs. Shipping costs will be displayed prior to checkout.

If errors or deficits occur in the pandoranarghileashop.com online store in terms of products or prices, we reserve the right to correct, remedy. In such cases, following the detection or identification of the error, including its modification, we immediately inform the buyer of the new data. Afterwards, the buyer can once again confirm the order or there is the possibility of termination of the contract by either party.

Next to the products whose description you find the free shipping icon, the shipping cost will be borne by the pandoranarghileashop.com online store

  1. Order processing

Pandoranarghileashop.com may cancel the order placed by the customer, following prior notice to the customer, without any subsequent obligation of either party to the other or without any party being able to claim damages from the other, in the following cases:

  • the data provided by the customer is incomplete and or incorrect;
  • the customer exhibits inappropriate behavior and language;
  • the customer has refused, unpicked deliveries in his order history;

Orders are processed within 24 hours, excluding Saturdays and Sundays and public holidays.

5.1. Possibility of fixing data recording errors

You have the possibility of correcting the errors regarding data registration before pressing the "Complete Order" key.

5.2. Confirmation

We will send you an email confirmation for each individual order. This means that after placing the order you will receive an automatic email regarding its receipt by us, and subsequently one regarding the expected date of transport.

In the case of telephone agreements, call customer service or any of the telephone numbers shown in the email.

5.3. Payment Terms

You can opt for the payment method favorable to you:

Payment by bank card through the EuPlatesc system (Visa/Maestro/Mastercard)

Payment by bank transfer - (after receiving your order, we inform you by e-mail that your order is being processed, and after the price of the order enters our bank account, your order will be activated and we send you by e- mail all the necessary additional information).

Payment by cash on delivery - (payment will be made in cash by you, at the time of delivery of the ordered products by the courier). If you choose this payment option, you will have to pay the amount of 7 lei, the equivalent of the money transfer to our account by the courier company.

5.4. Delivery

Handing over, delivery of shipments takes place through the GLS courier service. The delivery date of the product will be notified by the universal/online store narghileashop.ro during the checkout process, this also being provided in the confirmation email. You have the opportunity to reach an agreement regarding the date of the shipment and the phone number displayed in the confirmation email.

5.5. Transport charges

Transport charges are uniform across the country, being 14.99 RON with VAT included / transport. Currently, we are not committed to carrying out transports outside the territory of Romania.

5.6. Waiver of transportation

If the pandoranarghileashop.com online store does not fulfill its obligation assumed by the contract, due to the fact that the products provided in the contract are not available, it has the obligation to inform the customer in this regard.

5.7. Modification, cancellation of the order

According to art. 9 para. 1 of GEO no. 34/2014 regarding the legal regime of distance contracts, " the consumer benefits from a period of 14 days to withdraw from a distance contract or from a contract outside the commercial premises , without having to justify the decision to withdraw and without incurring other costs than those provided by art. 13 para. 3 and 14 " of the same normative act.

The withdrawal period expires 14 days after the day on which the consumer or a third party, other than the carrier and indicated by the consumer, takes physical possession of the products.

Before the withdrawal period expires, the consumer informs the professional about his decision to withdraw from the contract. For this purpose, the consumer will make an unequivocal statement in which he expresses his decision to withdraw from the contract. The communication regarding the exercise of the right of withdrawal must be sent before the expiration of the 14-day period.

When the order is placed, the seller's narghileashop.ro online store software immediately sends a notification to the buyer's e-mail address regarding the registration of the order.

This notification is not considered to be a contract concluded between the seller and the buyer. It simply signals to the buyer that the system has registered their request and forwarded it to an employee of the seller.

If the buyer does not receive such notice within 48 hours, then the buyer's bidding obligations and the seller's selling obligations are terminated.

The seller offers the possibility to the buyer, until the start of the execution of the order, to withdraw the order made electronically. When the execution of the order begins, the buyer receives by e-mail and/or by telephone an information regarding the expected duration of the execution and the beginning of the execution, subsequently there is the possibility of withdrawing his order only in person or through any of the contacts displayed on the website of the Seller.

  1. Right of withdrawal and Return Guarantee / Return of products

We will refund the amounts we have received as payment from you strictly for the products ordered, without undue delay and in any case within 14 days from the date on which we were informed of the consumer's decision to withdraw from the contract. We will not be obliged to refund the additional costs if you have explicitly chosen a different type of delivery than the standard delivery offered by us.

We will refund the amounts paid by you by bank transfer, if you agree to this method.

We can postpone the refund until the date of receipt of the products that were the subject of the sale.

You have the obligation to return the products without undue delay and within no more than 14 days from the date on which you communicated the decision to withdraw from the contract. You are responsible for the return cost.

We will accept returned products only in their original packaging, in their original condition both quantitatively and qualitatively. For destroyed or degraded packaging, we will refund only 80% of the total purchase value of the product.

Products can only be returned if they are in the same condition in which they were sent to the customer, in the original packaging, with the labels intact and together with all the documents that accompanied them (warranty certificate, invoice, etc.). The products must not show any signs of wear. Products that make up a set must be returned as a complete set. The customer undertakes, before sending the return, to send an e-mail to the address: contact@pandoranarghileashop, containing the completed return form. For all the details regarding returns, cancellation of the contract, visit the page Return policy .

The customer can exercise his right of cancellation starting from the day he took over the product/products. The seller has the obligation to return the amount paid by the customer immediately, but at the latest within 14 days of the cancellation. The customer will bear the transport costs caused by the return of the product. Beyond these, the client is not responsible for any other expenses.

According to art. 16 lit. of GEO no. 34/2014 regarding consumer rights in contracts concluded with professionals, unsealed products, which cannot be returned for health protection or hygiene reasons and which have been unsealed by the consumer, are exempt from the right of withdrawal (this rule applies for example to hookahs and its parts, hose, suction mouthpieces, necessary gaskets, hookah crucible, HMDs and hookah charcoal holders, hookah bowl, used charcoal lighters) The customer will bear the transport costs caused by the return of the product. Beyond these, the client is not responsible for any other expenses.

The seller will be able to decide to reduce the amount to be refunded, if the goods were used without compliance with the rules of use.

If, from the report of the person carrying out the delivery (courier), it appears that the product is certifiably damaged, and the respective damage occurred before taking over the product, we immediately ensure the return of the product and cancellation of the sales deed.

Any type of damage, lack of content, must be provided in the minutes of the actual state (handover-receipt), during the delivery of the transport! We cannot take responsibility for any subsequent content shortages or damages!

The customer has the right to notify the merchant in writing that he renounces the purchase, without penalty and without giving a reason, within 14 calendar days of receiving the products. The return costs will be borne by the customer and the reimbursement of the product value will be made within 14 days of the return, by bank transfer. If the products are returned in a condition where they can no longer be sold to us or cannot be resealed, we will resend the products at the consumer's expense without refunding the price.

The product warranty is 30 days from the date of entry into the customer's possession. This term is also represented by the average life of the product. The warranty period for hookahs, hookah parts and accessories is 30 days, for hidden manufacturing defects, improperly used materials. Any product with manufacturing defects can be replaced or returned within 14 days. Manufacturing defects can be, but will not be limited to products broken, with missing or damaged parts, or if they have been used, etc. Defects resulting from improper use or care of the products are not covered by the warranty.

  1. Ownership Clause

The delivered goods remain the property of the supplier until full payment of the purchase price.

8. Liability of pandoranarghileashop.com

Online store pandoranarghileashop.com . cannot be responsible for damages of any kind that the customer or any third party may suffer as a result of pandoranarghileashop.com online store fulfilling any obligation, according to the order and for damages resulting from the use of products and services after delivery and in especially for their loss.

9. Online sales policy

All information used to describe the products and/or services available in the online store (static/dynamic images/multimedia presentations/etc.) do not represent a contractual obligation on the part of narghileashop.ro, they are used exclusively for presentation purposes.

The promotions/offers present in the online store are valid for a certain period of time and within the limit of available stock. Access to place an order is allowed to any customer/user. For justified reasons, the pandoranarghileashop.com online store reserves the right to restrict access to the customer/user in order to place an order if he exhibits inappropriate behavior and language, or has refused deliveries in his order history. By placing an order on the website, the customer/user agrees to the form of communication (telephone or e-mail) through which the online store www.pandoranarghileashop.com carries out its operations on the website.

10. Newsletter Policy - the minimum legal age is 18 years for those who wish to access and place orders within the pandoranarghileashop.com online store

Within his pandoranarghileashop.com customer profile, a user can opt to receive newsletters. The pandoranarghileashop.com online store has the obligation to manage the personal data you provide us about you safely and only for the specified purposes. By subscribing to the newsletter, the user expressly expresses his consent to receive, in addition to periodic newsletters, notifications from the pandoranarghileashop.com online store regarding new facilities and services launched. The personal information collected by the online store www.pandoranarghileashop.com is used to deliver the content of the personalized newsletter (Name, Surname, Email).

Each member who opted for receiving newsletters is automatically added to the list of users who will receive newsletters.

Each email received contains clear information for unsubscribing. The unsubscribe is done when the user clicks on the unsubscribe link, then the changes operate instantly in the database. After a user unsubscribes, he will no longer receive any newsletter from the pandoranarghileashop.com online store, unless he opts for subscription again.

  1. minority

The pandoranarghileashop.com online store is a site that cannot be used by minors. They are not allowed to access the site, to place orders. If, however, for reasons beyond our control, a minor places an order, we will cancel that order as soon as possible. The customer declares, by accepting these terms and conditions, that he has reached the age of majority.