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Before using the lighter, please read the user manual carefully.



1. Introduction

Thank you for purchasing our charcoal lighter. We are confident that you will be as excited about the functionality and quality of our product as we are. As hookah enthusiasts, we use our own products, constantly develop them and know what's important. To ensure that you enjoy this device for as long as possible, please read and follow the instructions below carefully:

2. General provisions

  • The working (operating) voltage is 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz, the power is 500 W, 800 W, 1000 W, it depends on the model you bought.
  • Before use, please check that the mains voltage matches the mains voltage marked on the bottom of the charcoal lighter.
  • Please connect the lighter directly to an outlet with a protective conductor
  • Operate the lighter if the power cord is intact and the plug fits properly into the outlet.
  • Always pull the plug from the socket with both hands.
  • Do not pull the cord to move the charcoal lighter or wrap the device.
  • Please do not make any modifications or repairs to the igniter. Appoint a specialist.
  • Always place the charcoal lighter on a stable and smooth surface.
  • Please avoid using the primer on heat-resistant surfaces such as carpets, laminate flooring, soft plastic surfaces, etc.
  • Please ensure that there is enough free space around the charcoal lighter of 10cm on all sides so that excess heat can be released from the ventilation slots.
  • Please do not use the lighter near a fire source or in wet places. Water and fire can damage the igniter.
  • Please do not use the device on windowsills or directly by the window.
  • Never leave the charcoal lighter unattended during use.
  • Please ensure that children do not have access to the charcoal lighter.
  • Please leave the power cord plugged in for at least 10 seconds after use to allow the hob to cool down first. Then, turn off the device and remove the cable from the outlet at least 10 seconds later.
  • CAREFUL! The surface of the igniter is hot during operation and for a short time afterwards! Do not touch the lighters with your bare hands during this time.

Please check the charcoal lighter for completeness and perfect condition prior to any use and use the device if it has been secured.

ATTENTION: Risk of burns and injuries! The surface of the igniter (housing and heating coil) becomes very hot during operation. Even after switching off, the hot surfaces of the charcoal lighter are still hot for a certain period of time!

3. Preparation before first use

The heating coil has been waxed to protect against rust damage and should be made to glow for first use for 10-20 minutes without charcoal at the highest setting. This gives the spiral the highest degree of protection. It is also necessary in order to avoid a possible unpleasant taste and smell when smoking your hookah. When applying for the first time, the formation of a short-lasting harmless smell is absolutely normal.

4. Putting into service

1. Place the supplied stainless steel grid (valid for models that contain a protective grid)

centered on the charcoal lighter with the legs down. This protects the heating coil coating and extends the life of your igniter. Connect the starter power cord to the outlet.

2. Place the charcoal pieces on the carbon mesh and turn on the lighter.

Adjust the temperature control (valid for models that have an adjustable meter) to the highest level to achieve the fastest heating of the coals. When the desired temperature is reached, the indicator goes down automatically.

The charcoal lighter is equipped with a premium thermostat that allows the desired temperature to be reached gradually, step by step, and the unit does not overheat. The thermostat changes around the set temperature and turns the device on and off to ensure a constant temperature.

  • Apply the natural charcoal as soon as it is half baked.
  • Turn off the charcoal lighter by setting the temperature control to the lowest setting when the coals have burned out completely.
  • Disconnect the power cord from the power outlet for approx. 10 seconds after turning off the charcoal lighter.

5. Care and maintenance

  • Please clean the charcoal lighter after each use. Make sure the device is unplugged and has cooled down.
  • Please use a slightly damp cloth and no cleaning agents, benzine, steel brushes or solvents or thinners for cleaning.
  • Please do not hold under running water.
  • Always store the charcoal lighter in a dry place. Moisture leads to rust and malfunction of the device.

6. Environmental protection – WEEE Directive 2002/96/EC

In order to protect human health and the environment, the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElectroG) was adopted in Germany, involving the cooperation of us as the manufacturer and you as the end user. For this reason, the charcoal lighter must not be disposed of in unsorted waste. This approach is illustrated by the following symbol that you will find on the product label and the charcoal lighter packaging.

The crossed-out wheelie bin symbol indicates that the electrical or electronic device must not be disposed of with household waste at the end of its working life. For collection, there are free collection points for electrical and electronic devices in your area. The addresses can be obtained from the local administration of your city. Recycling is carried out in accordance with the guidelines and legislation in force.

7. Warranty

The charcoal hookah lighter is covered by a legal guarantee. Within this legal period, defects based on material or manufacturing defects are rectified. Excluded from this warranty are damage to fragile parts and damage caused by excessive wear, handling and improper use, respectively those caused by ignoring and not following the instructions for use. Moreover, damages caused by wear and tear or due to normal wear and tear are excluded. In case of foreign interventions, the guarantee also expires. In these cases, the seller will not assume any responsibility in case of any damages. If any defects are found, please return the complete device to your supplier/seller. Warranty claims are valid only with respect to the related invoice.