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1. How to choose the right Hookah?

Hookahs are primarily differentiated by size, ranging from very, very small pieces of approx. 20-30 cm for the huge 1.5 m hookahs.

Both smaller and larger hookahs (pipes) have their own advantages, but the ideal option is the height of 50-80 cm.

While smaller hookahs (pipes) are easier to carry, larger ones provide cleaner and better quality smoke for longer. The most important aspect is the size of the container, its capacity, because the more the smoke passes through a larger mass of water, the better it cools, in the container the water will heat up more difficult under the action of the hot smoke. In the case of the hookah, we strive to obtain as cold a smoke as possible, as it allows for the contouring of much more intense fruit aromas .

The body of hookahs with more famous brands, such as Dud hookahs, can be unfolded (unthreaded) in several places, so that even an average-sized pipe of about 70 cm becomes easy to carry in a smaller bag or purse.

After choosing the size of the hookah, the next thing to decide on is the number of people for whom the hookah (pipe) is intended, more precisely the exact number of exits of the hoses (tubes) with which it is provided.

Based on our experiences, the hookah with a hose can be sized for 2-3 people, because the hookah (pipe) is not smoked continuously, but while we talk, we serve tea, there is no need for the permanent presence of a hose in one's hand people. In order to avoid infections, at the end of the hoses (tubes) we can put plastic muzzles (slats) that are individually wrapped in foil.

Based on these, hookahs (pipes) for two or three people are recommended for groups of 3-4 people. In the case of hookahs (pipes) designed for several people, it is important to dwell on the aspect related to the valve. From the functioning of the hookah, it appears that if we pull from one of the hoses, fake air enters the system through the other hose, so that the hoses must be pulled either all at once, or the end(s) of the other hose(s) must be plugged.

In the case of hookahs (pipes) for several people of the first category, the aspect in question is already solved with a valve, so that during use we do not have to pay attention to this aspect.

It is good to know that all hookahs (pipes) for one person (with a hose and a pipe valve) can be transformed with the help of an adapter into hookahs for two people that will become like this and equipped with a valve, our hookah can therefore be completed, amplified and later.

After these, the choice of the palette of shapes and colors can follow. This aspect depends on the likes and tastes of each individual person. We are frequently asked the question which of them is less unstable? But in reality, if the container (vessel) of the hookah is full of water, then any hookah can be considered quite stable, so it is worth choosing, rather, depending on what fits better in the room or room , because beyond their use, they also serve wonderfully as decorative items.

2. What kind of accessories are needed to improve a hookah?

It is useful to replace the factory crucible, drilled at the base, with a crucible of the vortex or phunnel system, in which a much better filling can be prepared, since the moisture of the tobacco or its substitute will not flow. On the one hand, it does not permanently dirty the inside of the hookah, it does not have to be cleaned so often, on the other hand, what would turn into smoke is not wasted.

The aromas and tastes will be much more intense and we can enjoy the same filling for a longer time. These types of ceramics pay back their price in a short period of time, precisely because we do not waste with them what we put inside them. As a price/quality ratio, we recommend Amy, Kaya Phunnel crucibles! The ceramic in question will fit perfectly in the case of most hookahs with a gasket .

With the exception of premium hookahs, the suction hose of most pipes (hookahs) cannot be washed from the factory, which means that a metal spiral stiffener is stretched inside the tube.

Over time, this, even if it is not continuously washed, begins to rust under the action of water vapor and after a while it wears out. If under the effect of suction, pulling on the tongue, small pieces appear, then the hose (tube) can no longer be used, as these are, most likely, pieces of rust. It is not necessary to replace the factory hose already at the time of purchase with a washable one, but this is recommended over time.

The further advantage of washable hoses is that, in general, their inner diameter is much larger, so that their suction (pulling) becomes much easier, with their help a larger smoke can be produced. Inside the washable hoses there is no metal stiffening, but there is a special plastic/silicone tube that goes through them, they can be washed with water, nothing will happen. During their use, secondary tastes cannot appear, we will always feel the most clearly the taste (aroma) of the current filling.

Heat-maintaining covers ( windshields or windbreaks) are also welcome, which are useful not only in the open air when a gentle breeze can easily blow the glowing coal towards us, but also in indoor spaces.

At the moment of ignition, the hookah first begins to smoke, and when the coal is almost finished, we can further obtain the heat necessary to smoke the hookah if we use the heat retention caps.

3. What to fill the crucible (ceramics) with? With nicotine or without nicotine?

Hookah smoking was invented as a less harmful alternative to smoking, according to tradition (according to religion, smokers in India were forbidden to touch tobacco directly from their mouths, according to tradition), today, instead, we can flirt with this vice in a way completely free of nicotine and tobacco.

Hookah tobacco  it is a fruity mass (substance), with a moist consistency that contains both nicotine and tobacco, which is true in a smaller amount than a cigarette; water meticulously filtering and cooling the smoke created; it does not produce such harmful materials as in the case of smoking in hot smoke, but nevertheless, it is still a form of smoking. For this reason, we recommend this method of hookah smoking only if you feel an express need for nicotine and the specific taste of the character of tobacco, and of course only if you are over 18 years old.

4. What kind of coals should we use?

Coals can be classified into two large categories, self-igniting and natural coconut coals (non-self-igniting) . Both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The choice of self-igniting coals is indicated if you would like to relax in the company of your hookah somewhere outdoors, in a park or on a hilltop. Natural coals are rather recommended to be used where their ignition can be solved. The great advantage of self-igniting coals is that they can be lit easily and with a simple lighter in about 1-2 minutes.

This phenomenon is due to a self-igniting layer that, under the action of a small flame, heats itself, like fireworks, by sparking all around.

Until the layer burns, most self-igniting coals have a rather unpleasant smell, so it is recommended not to light them where we will smoke from the hookah. This is, in reality, a layer of chemicals that is easily felt even after complete combustion, thus giving the filling a minimal aftertaste.

Placement on the crucible is indicated and appropriate only when this layer has already burned.

Lighting natural, non-self-igniting coals is not that simple, to be lit we need a strong flame over which we must heat for 5-6 minutes.

If you have a stove at home, then it can be suitable, but the most suitable, also found in our offer, are electric or gas cylinder heaters.

About natural coals we can say that they transmit an optimal heat for a longer time, including providing clearer tastes, free of aftertastes.

If you are picky about the quality of the smoke, then these coals are the ones we recommend, especially Tom coco gold.

If you have any kind of questions in your mind, please look for us with confidence, we will be happy to help you.